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The ESAB ES 130i Pro & 180i Pro: Portability without compromise

Weighing in at just over 18 pounds, the 130i packs a heavy punch offering a maximum output of 130 amps at 230V with up to 1/8" electrodes, which the 180 amps of the 180i allows the use of up to 5/32" electrodes! The ES lines provide a smooth DC current for welding a variety of metals, from alloyed and non-alloyed steel, to cast iron and stainless steel. When paired with the optional TIG torch, and appropriate gas, the "Live TIG" start feature allows welding of mild or stainless steel with or without filler material.

The ESAB ET 200ip Pro: Pro performance, attractive price

Providing the versatility of both Stick and TIG processes, this lightweight machine gives you 200 amps to work with at 230V. Advanced TIG controls, such as gas pre-flow, start/finish currents, allows for maximum control in any welding scenario. The additional pulsing feature, which allows up to 500Hz, provides better heat input control.

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