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Welding, Medical, and Specialty Gases

USOXO US OXO provides a comprehensive range of industrial compressed gases, medical gases, food and beverage gases, cryogenic liquid Dewars, and bulk delivery systems to the Texas Hill Country and South Central Texas regions.

We have the capacity to meet your gas requirements, whether you need small portable cylinders, liquid Dewars, or large bulk supply systems customized to your on-site location. Our package gases are meticulously filled to ensure the highest gas quality and undergo rigorous testing at our state-of-the-art quality assurance and specialty gas laboratory.

We also provide technical support for both standard and specialty welding applications. No matter your welding or industrial needs, US OXO is your trusted source for top-quality gases, exceptional service, and comprehensive safety training.

Welding Gases:

Shielding Gas

Cutting Gas

Brazing Gas

Explore our premium selection of welding gases and tanks, designed for both seasoned professionals and beginners in the welding industry. Our collection features a diverse range of high-quality gases including argon, oxygen, acetylene, and specialized mixes, each tailored for specific welding processes.

Choose from various tank sizes, all engineered with top-tier safety features and fully compliant with industry standards, guaranteeing reliability and efficiency. With easy purchase and refill options, our products meet the demands of both commercial projects and individual welding needs. 

Industrial Gases:

We offer a wide range of industrial gases, including:

Argon, Helium, Oxygen, Nitrogen

Carbon Dioxide, Acetylene, Propane


Medical Gases:

We supply medical gas to hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. Our medical gases are of the highest quality and meet all applicable standards.

Medical Oxygen

Nitrous oxide

Carbon monoxide

Sulfur dioxide

Nitrogen dioxide

Food and Beverage Gases:

Winemakers and Brewmaster use a mixture of Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide to prevent oxidation and preserve the freshness and flavor of wine and beer. We supply the following gases for wine, beer and food processioning.

Carbon Dioxide







Our ability to mix and analyze many multi-component high purity mixtures at our supply plant can save you lead-time and freight costs. We can provide you with Ultra High Purity Gases, Laser Gases, EPA Protocol Gases and even disposable cylinders needed for your testing and monitoring equipment. We also can provide you with many rare or specialty mixes needed for the petrochemical, environmental and research fields.

We offer many of the services you may need, like Nitrogen Purge and Pressurization for Pipelines and other Vessels. For portable on-site gas distribution systems or custom manifold and piping systems, let our experts find the right solution for you.

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